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Recycling scrap metal is a win-win for industries, the environment and consumers alike.

Our Services

Inland Iron & Metal is not your average scrap yard. We are a full service metal recycling yard that buys scrap metal, offers free bin or trailer services for large quantity cleanups. We service commercial and industrial contracts, offer heavy equipment floating and provide consultation on demolition. We also provide tow-truck services for pickup and removal of scrap vehicles.

We Buy Your Scrap Metal

Are you looking to get rid of household metal waste? Don’t toss your scraps just yet, bring them to our yard instead and earn some cash. Does your business have scrap metal? We can provide a free bin or trailer service and pay you the market price for your scrap metal. Contact us for a quote.

Recycle Your Scrap Metal In Three Easy Steps


Bring your scrap metal to one of our convenient locations in Sutton or Mississauga and drive up onto our scale.


After being instructed by our friendly scale attendant, unload your scrap metal at the designated site.


Pull your vehicle back onto the scale and after your weight is taken, pull off the scale and get paid for your scrap metal in cash. 

Free Bin & Pick Up Services

Whether it be for a short clean up, or a longer construction project, or an industrial service contract, Inland Iron & Metal provides free bin and trailer services for large-scale industrial sites and clean-ups.

We offer a variety of Roll Off and Lugger Bins and will deliver them to your facility and pick up your scrap metal. Contact us to learn more about our bin services and for a free quote.


Metal Consulting & Demolition Services

Inland Iron & Metal caters to all businesses and trades such as plumbers, electricians, car dealers, general contractors and more. We offer a full service plant dismantling, demolition and metal recycling service for clients that need assistance cleaning out an old factory, a warehouse, an old machine shop or any location with large amounts of scrap metal waste. 

We supply equipment and labour necessary for large clean-ups and can assist with structural dismantling or large item removal. Inland Iron & Metal will also offer free bins and trailers to help transport scrap metal back to our recycling facility. 


Float service

Moving large or small items from your yard can be challenging without the right equipment.

At Inland Iron and Metal, our extensive fleet of flatbeds, floats and trailers allows us to offer a premium service to help out clients move their equipment efficiently from site to site.


The Many Benefits of Scrap Metal Recycling

Metal recycling has become increasingly important not only because of environmental reasons but also as a way for industries to reduce costs and mitigate waste. Unlike other materials, metal is a valuable raw mineral that can be recycled again and again without degrading its properties.

Recycling scrap metal is a win-win for industries, the environment and consumers alike as it’s less energy-intensive than mining or smelting, reduces pollution in landfills and helps lower the cost of materials for the end-user.

Inland Iron & Metal is a family run scrap metal recycling facility that has been serving Sutton, Georgina, Mississauga and the surrounding areas for over 60 years.

Scrap Metal Recycling at Inland Iron & Metal

Have questions about metal recycling or need a quote?

Our qualified and friendly staff are always on-site to assist you and answer any questions you might have.

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